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Helping people help stray,feral, and owned cats.



Gloversville Cat Sanctuaries and Information Center is whatever you make it to be as it relies on individuals already caring for stray, feral, and owned cats to come along side and help others do the same.  We help with our time.  We help with our knowledge and willingness to learn more.  We help because we are working together and no longer individual little islands trying to stay afloat amidst the challenges we face.  We will certainly evolve and grow as you become more involved and as we work hand in hand.

 Areas where we can help by working together:

  • Basic cat care ~ Nail clipping, grooming, ear mite control, flea control, other parasite control. ~ We learn and then we teach and help each other.
  • What products are available where ~ For use with basic cat care and other home veterinary needs.
  • Group ordering ~ This helps eliminate shipping and can give us discounts by ordering in bulk.
  • Individual health and behavior problems ~ With the help of the more experienced among us coupled with internet research and veterinary input.

 Short term and long term goals:

  • Get to know one another as we build a database of local kitty lovers and caretakers.
  • Evolve and grow our group as we get involved together.
  • Become an official non-profit status organization.
  • Work towards our five year goal of being able to help loan or grant financial assistance for life saving veterinary care.
  • Work towards our ten year goal of being able to bring a veterinarian to our area who would operate on a sliding scale basis.